2022 Privacy Symposium Conference | 5-7 April 2022, Venice, Italy

PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM invites you to 3 days with top experts to get insight on the latest regulatory and technology evolutions in data protection and compliance.

The Privacy Symposium conference promotes dialogue, international cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection regulations, compliance and emerging technologies.

Hosted by the University Ca’Foscari in the historic area of Venice, the Privacy Symposium will enable data protection professionals, experts, authorities and researchers to meet, learn and discuss:

60+ Speakers

Hear from experts about the latest developments in data protection, emerging technologies, and compliance.

40+ Sessions

From regulatory changes and future evolutions to emerging technologies, GDPR compliance and international cooperation.

3 Days

Three days to learn, share knowledge and network with like-minded professionals.

Programme Insights

The Privacy Symposium will address and discuss the latest developments in the data protection domain through several tracks and sessions, encompassing topics such as:

Emerging Technologies and data protection compliance

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, digital twins, network virtualization, and IPv6 transition are impacting all application domains. How to address these new challenges and opportunities for data protection and GDPR compliance.

Cross-border data transfers

Following the Schrems II jurisprudence has highlighted the need to create and explore new mechanisms to support cross-border data transfer in a manner that better address the rights of the data subjects. What are the options to enable data protection compliant cross-border data transfers.

International Cooperation and Convergence for data protection

Many jurisdictions across the world have revised their data protection regulations. How to comply with diverse jurisdictions and requirements? What are the perspectives for global standards and mechanisms to facilitate compliance across distinct jurisdictions?

Data sovereignty in open and interconnected societies

While societies are more and more interconnected through the Internet and online services, data sovereignty has become an important topic. What are the challenges and perspectives ahead?

Data processing certification

How to move beyond compliance? Exploring the latest developments and solutions for controllers and processors to reduce their legal and financial risks with third party assessment and certification.

Artificial Intelligence and data protection compliance

Artificial intelligence is becoming pervasive. A key characteristic of AI is to extract and generate new data sets, including personal data. How can AI technologies comply with obligations such as data subject prior informed consent, transparent information and right to rectify personal data?

eHealth and remote risk mitigation and compliance

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and the adoption of eHealth solutions. What are the associated legal and societal risks and the good practices to follow? What are the lessons learned from the COVID crisis?

Data Protection by Design and by Default

Data protection by design and by default are legal requirement. How to comply with them? How much effort does it require and what are the emerging reference methodologies?

Research and Innovative solutions to support GDPR compliance

What are the latest developments form the research community and the industry to support GDPR compliance? A dedicated track will explore the latest innovations and the future of compliance management with digital transformation and automated solutions.

In parallel to the sessions organized by the programme committee of the conference, the Privacy Symposium conference will also handle a call for papers whose best contributions will be presented in Venice and published by Springer.

More information on the Call for Papers

For information on the venue, please visit: www.unive.it/pag/13526

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