Data Protection Certification and International Data Transfers

Special Program on International Data Protection Certification

Friday April 21, 2023 from 09:00 to 17:30

Data protection certification constitutes an important mechanism and tool for compliance, to build trust and support international data transfers. The GDPR itself makes over 70 references to such a mechanism. The Privacy Symposium conference is organising a special program to discuss the potential of data protection certification at regional and international level. It will discuss lessons learned from existing certification schemes and the potential to adopt global certification schemes.

  1. Present available mechanisms for data protection certification in various regions.
  2. Share practices associated with data protection certification
  3. Discuss the applicability of certification to international data transfers across different regions
  4. Discuss the common and distinct requirements among regions
  5. Identify the main barriers and opportunities for international recognition

Key sessions:
  • Regional Data Protection Certification Mechanisms
  • Data Protection Certification value proposition and lessons learned
  • Certification as a cross-border transfer mechanism: international perspectives
  • Barriers and opportunities for international recognition
  • Conclusion and future perspectives