Extended Cross-Atlantic Cooperation

Special Program on Extended Dialogue on Cross-Atlantic Cooperation: Cultivating and Ocean of Privacy

April 21, 2023 – Venice from 9.00 to 18.00

Access to this programme may be reserved to national and regional authorities.

Europe, North America and Latin America share quite similar data protection regulations. The Privacy Symposium proposes to initiate an extended cross-Atlantic dialogue on data protection regulations. It will enable data protection authorities from Europe, North America and Latin America to meet, discuss and explore the potential for reinforcing collaboration and convergence towards common rules and mechanisms to protect and enforce data protection, as well as to support international data transfers. Enabling safe and efficient international data transfers, promoting uniform standards and common best-practices will be some of the goals this meeting aims to contribute to.

  1. Support international dialogue and cooperation among European, and North American and Latin American data protection authorities.
  2. Discuss and explore the potential for regulatory convergence among the three regions.
  3. Explore the potential to converge and facilitate international data transfers with common instruments such as standard contractual clauses.
  4. Support international cooperation among the three regions in terms of data protection law development and enforcement.

Key sessions:
  • Extended Cross-Atlantic Perspectives
  • Supporting International Data Transfer: opportunities and challenges
  • Government Access and Compliance Enforcement?
  • Towards Common Contractual Clauses?
  • Towards Common Certification Mechanisms
  • Steps Forwards to Reinforce Extended Cross-Atlantic Convergence and Cooperation