Dott. Agostino Ghiglia

Dott. Agostino Ghiglia

Member of Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority

Graduated in Law with a Masters in Health Law, currently a member of the Board of the Data Protection Authority. Former journalist and freelance reporter, he was director of magazines, radio and TV.

Until the day of the election to the Guarantor, he held the role of Founder and Director of the company, ranging in various sectors including: Professional Training with Nextrain Srl; business consulting services with SINLO4B srl; digital innovation and IT consultancy and in the blockchain and crypto currency sector with Future & Innovation srl and with the Bulgarian company AORNET OOD; in the health sector with Soms “Mutua Con Te” in the sector of services for Smart cities with NeosTech srl, a well-established company in over 100 Italian cities; he also dealt with the supply of IT and telematic services through the company Coopservice.

Until 2013 he held various political positions. He was several times City Councilor and Councilor and Regional Councilor, with responsibility for innovation, development, research, internationalization, trade, energy, craftsmanship and investee companies for the Piemonte Region.

He was also Deputy of the Italian Republic for two legislatures, holding the position of Parent Company at the VIII Commission for the Environment, Territory and LL.PP and at the Bicameral office for monitoring the waste cycle.

He also held the position of Board Member for the USL / 1 of Turin and Vice President of the Turin Intercommunal Consortium and, recently, President of the Public Society of Smart Mobility 5T.