Manuela Siano

Manuela Siano

Lawyer/Senior Official, Italian Data Protection Authority

Manuela Siano is a lawyer and has been working at the Italian Data Protection Authority since 2003, in particular on EU-related and international matters.

She has been actively involved in data protection at OECD level by representing Italy in the WPSPDE (Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy), of which she became Bureau Vice-Chair in 2012 and renominated for the following five years. She is actually Bureau Vice-Chair of the OECD DGP (Working Party on Data Governance and Privacy) for the 2023.

She is also particularly active in the G7 data protection and privacy authorities and in the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) work.

She contributes regularly to the activity of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board), in particular by coordinating the work of the EDPB subgroup on data protection in the financial sector.

She is also involved, among the others, in the work on the EDPB Coordinated Enforcement Framework (CEF).

She participated in several projects on data protection and gave legal advice in the field. As part of her research activity, she has published several papers concerning fundamental rights and data protection issues on juridical journals and books.

Previously she worked at the European Commission (Secretariat General) and at the European Parliament (Constitutional Affairs Committee), providing contributions and running research activities for the European Convention (2001-2002).

She took a summa cum laude Degree in Law at the University of Naples Federico II, a Ph.D. in Administrative Law and Science Administration at the aforementioned University and a Master “Legal defense of the Public Administrations” at the Italian High School of Economy and Finance.