Programme Overview 2024

The programme may be subject to changes. Please consult the full Programme Schedule on this website for the detailed programme and updates.


The Privacy Symposium will give the floor to over 300 top-level speakers during more than 100 sessions from June 10 to 14, 2024. The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet with and learn from data protection authorities, practitioners and researchers who will gather to discuss the latest developments and future evolution of data protection. It aims to facilitate international dialogue, cooperation and convergence. It is also designed to enable each participant to develop new perspectives on data protection and compliance and to acquire first-hand knowledge from top experts.


The programme of the upcoming Privacy Symposium edition is organised in several thematic tracks of sessions on data protection: ( click on each title )

This track will focus on the intricate relationship between the concepts of privacy and democracy by discussing privacy as a fundamental right, its role as a cornerstone of democracy, and the imperative to protect individual freedoms. It will also address the democratic control of government access to personal data as well as the importance of data protection regulations in this context.

This track will focus on International Cooperation and Convergence in Data Protection Regulations and International Standards. It will address and discuss the most recent and upcoming evolutions in data protection regulations at national, regional and international levels. It intends to explore the potential for international cooperation and convergence in the domain of data protection and privacy law.

This track will focus on the dynamic landscape of AI’s intersection with compliance, emphasising the imperative of establishing trustable, transparent, and accountable AI systems. It will discuss the intricate links between AI and aspects such as data ownership, intellectual property rights, safety, and security. Moreover, the track will dissect the evolving landscape of AI regulations and the pursuit of an international regulatory framework. 

This track will focus on data protection compliance with emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Quantum, Blockchain. It will bring together technology experts and data protection authorities to discuss technology related challenges and opportunities for data protection. 

This track will focus on effective implementation and compliance with data protection laws. It will give the floor to data protection authorities, practitioners and other stakeholders to shed light and share their views on how to best comply with the rules. It will also explore grey areas and challenges to be addressed. 

This track will focus on challenges and solutions to secure and protect personal data. It will address cybersecurity related threats and concerns, as well as technology developments to support data protection by design and by default, including authentication and encryption mechanisms. 

This track will focus on the human, social and economic aspects of data protection compliance. It will discuss the impact on the society, as well as the economic dimension of privacy. It will explore how data protection compliance is changing our way of life and the way the economy works.

The DG Santé is establishing the foundations of the future European Health Data Space (EHDS) to enhance citizens’ control on their medical data while facilitating secondary use of data by researchers. Other regulations, such as the Artificial Intelligence Act, will complement this framework. This track will discuss the impact of the ongoing regulatory changes to support secondary use of data in Europe and beyond. It will bring together authorities and other stakeholders to discuss this evolution. 

This track will focus on the question of trust and accountability. It will discuss the instruments, tools and solutions to support data protection, including Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET). It will discuss topics such as data pseudonymization, anonymization and synthetic data, as well as certification and other accountability mechanisms.

This track will focus on research and innovation in the domain of data protection and compliance. It will involve the research community, both academic and industrial research, together with authorities and practitioners to review and discuss the latest research and development results.

The “Deep Dive In” sessions will offer a selection of longer sessions of two hours designed to help DPOs and practitioners comply with complex regulatory obligations: one hour to listen from top experts and authorities, followed by one hour of open question and answers with the audience.

This track will feature presentations of selected papers from the Privacy Symposium Call for Papers and discussion among the research community. The Call for Papers aims to identify original papers from researchers and senior practitioners addressing challenges related to data protection, regulatory compliance, and innovative technologies.  

The detailed programme and sessions are available in the Programme Schedule page.


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