Data Protection in Italy (in Italian)

Special Program on Italian Views on Data Protection

April 18, 2023 – Venice

The Privacy Symposium conference is hosting a special programme dedicated to the Italian perspective on data protection. It brings together the Italian supervisory authority and some of the best Italian experts in data protection, to discuss major issues related to data protection and privacy compliance both from a national and a comparative law perspective. The programme is coordinated by the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation (IIP) in cooperation with several Italian privacy and data protection organizations. The programme is planned on April 18, 2023 and will be in Italian.


  1. To present and discuss the Italian regulatory “state of the art”, for specific sectors, comparing it with other countries frameworks.
  2. To imagine the future perspectives and challenges for the Italian discipline on data protection and valorisation, particularly in the field of marketing, public smart services, AI, data monetisation.
  3. To share guidelines and best practices in order to make privacy and data protection more popular and friendly for data subjects and users.
  4. To find reasonable balances between Italian constitutional principles and values, the other European fundamental rights and freedoms, and privacy/data protection.
  5. To foster dialogue between Italian experts/officers and international experts/officers, on critical issues concerning digital life protection.


Key sessions:

  • Privacy vs Direct Marketing: European and Italian approaches
  • How to make privacy “pop”: the Italian way
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Privacy: possible solutions to support innovation, enhancing data protection
  • “Digital Privacy New Deal” – Data valorisation and monetisation, balancing fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Privacy and the new PA: how to combine innovation and data protection in the smart public services