Privacy Symposium invites you to 3 days with top experts to get insight on the latest regulatory and technology evolutions in data protection and compliance.

The Privacy Symposium is an international and multi-stakeholder conference for professionals in data protection including:

60+ Speakers

Hear from experts about the latest developments in data protection, emerging technologies, and compliance.

40+ Sessions

From regulatory changes and future evolutions to emerging technologies, GDPR compliance and international cooperation.

3 Days

Three days to learn, share knowledge and network with like-minded professionals.

Online Pre-Conference Programme

Day 1

International cooperation and
convergence in data protection regulations

Day 2

Emerging technologies and
data protection compliance

Day 3

Health domain and data protection compliance

We invite you to take part in our teaser programme and get a taste of the upcoming 2021 Privacy Symposium
More information to be released soon

Privacy Symposium is a unique event aiming to foster international cooperation, dialogue, and knowledge sharing. Learn more about our guiding principles here:

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