Louis Dutheillet de Lamothe

2024 Privacy Symposium-Keynote Speaker

Louis Dutheillet de Lamothe

Secretary General, CNIL

Louis DUTHEILLET DE LAMOTHE, is Secretary General of the CNIL since April 11, 2020. He comes from Conseil d’Etat, where he is Conseiller d’Etat (Master of Petitions). 

Born in 1983, Louis DUTHEILLET DE LAMOTHE is a graduate of the École nationale d’administration (class of 2008-2010 “Émile Zola”), Institut d’études politiques de Paris and École normale supérieure. 

At the Conseil d’État, he successively held the positions of rapporteur to the 4th chamber of the Litigation section and to the Administration section, head of the legal research and dissemination center (CRDJ) and public rapporteur to the 6th chamber of the Litigation section, specializing in town planning and environmental law.